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Aims and Objectives | Nepal Life Support Foundation
  1. To conduct awareness program in the community about cardiac diseases and its prevention.
  2. To organize a community CPR (Basic Life Support/BLS) training program for the non-medical personnel in the society to enable them to increase the chance of survival of cardiac arrest victims before a medical team responses or definitive care starts. Non medical personnel includes all, but are not limited to higher grade students, teachers, housewives, trekking guides, traffic police, army personnel, sportsman, sports coaches, bank staffs, airport staffs, bus drivers, guards, shopkeepers in malls etc.
  3. To conduct CPR (Advanced Cardiac Life Support/ACLS) training to medical personnel.
  4. To carry out workshops, seminars and conferences to update knowledge and skills of CPR regularly.
  5. To organize different levels of first aid training in the community and in medical fields.
  6. To facilitate exchange program between national or international, medical or non-medical, students or experts for knowledge and skills sharing in various fields in Nepal
  7. To facilitate volunteer services for international students in Nepal for following categories
    1. Pre-medical students
    2. Medical students
    3. Non-medical students
  8. To develop cordial and effective relationship with various government and non-government organizations for capacity building.
  9. To establish a center in Nepal for CPR training, and treatment of cardiac and related diseases.

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